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4 Dec 2016
Ginger really took my fancy - he is a wild child from Karratha - one of a rescued feral litter. Unusual looking with a long face and nose, bright ginger semi longhair coat, tall lithe body, lanky legs, and very long tail. His owners brought him to Perth from their large farming property where he roamed the range. And there he was in Chicas Cattery (Nov16), with this daft little lady trying to make friends. Well I did !!! He remained aloof and a little wary but eventually welcomed a fuss and pats and FOOD.


Chicas Louisa and her mum Chicas Magic Lives- Jan 2017 Chicas Louisa and Mum

I don’t think there is room for my daughter in this hammock…. Just a little nudge should do it …. Ahhhh that’s better”

Magic Lives

Magic Lives with the hammock to herself.


10 Dec 2016
Harley and Seymour stayed with me in October. They were the most dignified, gentle, friendly chaps. I thought most interestingly, the result of a union between a Ragdoll and a Burmese, some 17 years ago !! Harley took after his Burmese parent and Seymour got the Ragdoll colouring. Are they not magnificent ?



Now that the work has all been done... it's time to relax.
Babychampers shows how it's done:

baby champers relaxing

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