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April 2018. Available now- Chicas Minuet- Chicas Power of Magic kittens. Check out the Kittens page.

Dec 2017. SEASONS GREETINGS FROM CHICAS CATTERY. To all my clients, furry felines and their great owners.

Thank you for visiting, and making Chicas Cattery 'swing'. We have a very full house over the Christmas period and January holidays and I could not possibly choose one or two of my lovely guests, soooo I decided to ask 'Saret' - my White, Blue Eyed, Oriental Shorthair Stud Cat - to do a photo shoot. To my surprise, the soppy cat loved being in front of the camera and posed wonderfully just like a model, showing off and purring all the while.

Saret at Christmas 01

I am very proud of 'Saret' whose pedigree name is Siarod Frecoso. He won the CatsWA BEST ENTIRE CAT 2017. He was not the best cat on the bench, but he turned up at all the shows, behaved himself and looked good too. “You got to be in it to win it”

Saret at Christmas 02

We have recently had the 'honour' of looking after Cindy - a young Persian Lady - pure white with blue eyes. She wormed her way into our hearts. She was feisty to start with, then playful, then affectionate but throughout, she was quirky, sort of different.

She has now gone to Brisbane to join her adoring owners who have just moved there. Being a Persian, she required special services: her eyes had to be bathed each day and her coat brushed thoroughly. High maintenance you could say, but worth it.

Here she is!

Look at her beautiful tail!

Cindy 02


Chicas Bala

Chicas Bala (Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese)

Chicas Chantrea

Chicas Chantrea (White Oriental with Blue Eyes)

These beautiful sisters need a home of their own but I would so much prefer them to stay together as they are great friends.  I am sure they would give to others the love and companionship they have shown me.  They are gentle, cheerful souls, used to sleeping on my bed, and as soon as I stir in the morning are the first to come up for a cuddle.    

They are of course Microchipped, Vaccinated, Sterilized and Registered with CatsWA, born 17 Feb 2017, very healthy and house trained.    I am happy to discuss very reasonable price with suitable new owners.   Please contact me on 0409 082 395.

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