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Chicas Jipijapa

This elegant Oriental Black Tabby – now 6 years old – had three litters of lovely kittens for me, but then had major breeding difficulties. 

Two years ago she nearly died with the cat flu.  She did not eat for 15 days, was totally blocked up in the nose and had a high temperature.  I nursed her at home, and gave fluids throughout the day and night for a long time.  Her strong will and courage kept her going to the amazement of the vet. 

Unfortunately often when there are a lot of cats in the same household, there can be one or two ‘bullies’.   Jipijapa was bullied, and was happier in her outside unit.  But I felt it was not fair for this to go on.    So......... when a lovely lady, Julie, came to me looking for a mature cat ........................  the rest is history.     

Jipijapa has won the hearts of her new owners as she did mine.   I am pleased to say that she comes to stay every now and again, and purrs and purrs and purrs.    

Jipijapa on lap

Jipijapa square

Another beautiful pose from Jipijapa.

This 6yr old ex-breeding queen has landed on her feet in a new home.   Doting owner keeps sending me photos.  Like, first Jipijapa sat on hubby’s lap, then she is lying in the bed of a morning, then is exploring the garden, then has new climbing frame made for her, now is learning to sit beside a camp fire (on the patio I think), getting used to her collar and harness, in preparation to going on camping holidays.  She is a queen indeed, sitting up so regally.   Little love, I am sooooo happy for her.  She was the kitty who was chased and picked on here and had to spend a year or so in an outside pen.  I feel so mean now, she has absolutely blossomed. 

Jipijapa by the fire

Jipipapa in garden










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