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Oriental Blue Eyed White (M)
Born 23.02.2016
Sire: Siarod Khan (Foreign White)
Dam: Siarod Power of Black Magic (Oriental Black)


Saret is the Egyptian word for ‘wisdom’.  I look deep into Saret’s eyes and there is all the knowledge of the worlds.   
Saret is my newest and probably my last stud cat and I thank Rod Pattinson for letting me have him.   His grandsires are:  my own Chicas Power of Magic, and also Broadacres Oberon.  

He is extraordinarily gentle and friendly and, I believe, is extraordinarily good looking,  conforming to the breed standards, strong and healthy.   I am very pleased with him.



Siamese Seal Point (F)
Born 03.11.2014
Sire: Chicas Lucky Charm (Siamese Seal Point)
Dam: Chicas Frivolity (Siamese Golden Chocolate Tabby Point)

Chicas Minuet
Minuet is an exceedingly self-confident, bright, cheeky little lady.   She does indeed lead me a merry dance!  She had a litter of kittens (Sire: Chicas Power of Magic) and produced 7 Black Oriental Kittens and one Seal Point boy.  They were the most mischievous and lovable gang I have ever known, but that is another story.    Here is a picture of them. 

Minuet's Kittens


Ebony Oriental
Female, Date of Birth 09.12.2002
Sire: DiamGdCh Koinonia Tobias
Dam: Chicas Black Magic

A Bit of Magic

"Biddy" has a good type, not fine, but well proportioned. She has an excellent sound black coat and good green eye colour... and a very pretty face!

She has a confident, no nonsence nature and is quite independent - bit of a loner.

Above is Biddy a year or so ago - with five Lavender Oriental kits, and one Ebony! Count the ears. Dad was Son of Toby.



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