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Oriental black (M)
Born 23.02.2014
Sire: Chicas Power of Magic (Oriental Black)
Dam: Chicas Tehya (Siamese Chocolate Point)


Piccolo is a Carer, an intense loving cat, passionate, intelligent.  He is my closest friend and I grieve for him already.  

He loves babysitting and playing with the kittens and sneaks their special food if I don’t keep an eye on him.











Oriental Cinnamon(M)
Born 23.01.2015
Sire: Broadacres Oberon (Oriental Chocolate)
Dam: Chicas Cecelia (Siamese Golden Chocolate Tabby Point)


Heartbeat is exceedingly handsome and such a wonderful colour.  He does very well at shows.  He is a shy cat, a little retiring and waits his turn for my affection and then just soaks it up.  He loves Chicken Necks !


Oriental Black (M)
Born 15.06.2011
Sire: Stormberg Sir Galahad (Siamese Seal Point)
Dam: Chicas Magic Lives (Oriental Black Mackerel Tabby)

Power of Magic

"Pom Pom” is a self-possessed, business like little cat.    Business like with the girls and with visitors.   For me, he has a softer side.  Loves a fuss made, ears scratched.  

It is lonely life being a stud cat, but “Pom Pom” chills out in his chair – when he is not calling out hopefully to the females.  

His eye colour has faded a little now.  He is a small, very neat well-proportioned boy and throws a lot of good looking black orientals (I wonder why?). 

I have to tell you that Pom Pom has killed two snakes that came into his pen a few years ago now– a Tiger Snake and a Dugite.  On both occasions I found the remains only.  The third time, he got bitten by a Tiger but I got him to the vet with anti-venom in time and he lives to tell the tale.   We have since installed a number of Snake Repellers and have not seen a snake for two years – fingers crossed.



Siamese Blue Point
Born 04.09.2016 (F)
Sire: Diam Gd Ch Chicas Son of Toby (Siamese Lilac Point)
Dam: Chicas Queenie (Siamese Chocolate Point)

Baby Champers

Probably Son of Toby’s last child, Babycham embodies my old lines and she is a classic.   Very bouncy, cheeky and demanding.  I am her slave.   Who wouldn’t be!

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