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Siamese Seal Point (M)
Born 12.05.2010
Sire: Diam GdCh Chicas Son of Toby (Siamese Lilac Point)
Dam: Chicas Magic Lives (Oriental Black Tabby)

Lucky Charm








Lucky is now well matured, his jowls have developed and his coat has darkened.  But just look at those eyes.  He has a good type and classic head.   Maybe not a show stopper, but a loved and valuable part of the Chicas team.   He enjoys his food but must always have at least five minutes fuss and petting before he will eat.




Double Diamond Grand Premier
Blue spotted Tabby Oriental (M)
Born 18.11.2000 Died 02.05.2008
Sire: Emerald Gd Ch Inxs Chain Reaction
Dam: Chicas Brindabella.





Time Lord in oval

If I was to say I had a favourite it would be Time Lord. He combined a delightful, confident, friendly nature, with such elegance and style despite being a very big cat. He had been in so many many shows. He won countless "Best Desexed" and "Cat of the Year".

I loved Time Lord so much. I will grieve forever.






CHICAS SON OF TOBY Diamond Grand Champion

Lilac Pt Siamese (M)
Born 07.04.2003
Sire: Diamond GdCh Koinonia Tobias
Dam: GdCh Chicas Majesty.


Son of Toby

A gentleman stud, easily handled, patient with the girls
and affectionate to me. Magnificent coat colour, very
sound head - wedge - ear flare, and good strong well muscled type. He was COAWA Best Entire 2005.
Brother to Chiquita, from Koinonia Tobias' last litter.

He is just one cool cat.

Seal Tabby Pt Siamese (M)
Born 01.01.2004 Died Sept 2016- 'Fly free Tippi'.
Sire: Mayteako Claude Van Dam
Dam: Mayteako Miffy (NSW).


Rhondda Watson from NSW recommended this potential stud to me, and I thank May Fahey for letting him come West.

He had a lovely nature (at home, but he did not like shows) and matured wonderfully. He produced exceptional kittens with excellent head type. I was so very pleased to have him. Just look at that wedge and eye shape !

Tippi had a voice to be believed, however, when singing to a female.... any female. This was much to the annoyance of my neighbours.

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